About Us

tom-havstadTom Havstad is the owner and primary consultant for Permit Consulting Services. His work in the contruction industry goes back more than 40 years. He has been in the North Bay since 1979.

For many years, starting in 1978, Tom had both a Real Estate License and a Contractor’s License. In 2003, Tom acquired the certification of the California Real Estate Inspection Association as an Inspector to write Property Inspection Reports.

Tom has purchased land for development and built and sold homes on that land. He learned that it’s always about finding solutions, whether it’s planning a project, scheduling it, or working with the design and engineering professionals to find a cost effective way to approach the project. Working with the local building department, the inspectors, planners, all the departments, was essential in order to make each project successful.

Even before coming to Sonoma County in 1979, Tom ran work as a Superintendent for a Los Angeles company that specialized in building schools in earthquake prone areas. That’s the kind of specialized work that has an inspector on the job 8 hours a day, and blueprints that often had 30 to 40 pages for each building. Code compliance for buildings like that is about as strict as it gets.

To get a fuller idea of the broad range of experience that Tom brings to the consultant business, here’s a listing of some of the types of projects that he’s been involved in:

  • Single family homes
  • 2nd Unit construction
  • Commercial buildings
  • Commercial tenant improvements
  • Wine production facility
  • Rental housing
  • Sewer line construction
  • Residential remodeling
  • Property Inspection Reports
  • Septic system construction
  • Well drilling
  • Multi-family construction defect repairs
  • Grading and road building
  • Flood plain construction / Fema requirements