Permit Services

Whatever the size of your project, we’ll work with the Building Department staff to obtain all the necessary permits. Also, sometimes it’s best to do your homework before you start working on the design. Permit Consulting Services can help you do the research on your zoning or permit history to avoid having to re-do your design because the permit requirements weren’t understood from the beginning. And once those issues are resolved, we can produce the drawings you need to get the permit issued.

Here’s a listing of the kinds of projects we can help you with:

Building Permits and related approvals

  • Residential plans
  • Residential building permits
  • Commercial building permits
  • Septic System permits
  • Well permits
  • Site Surveys
  • Drainage review
  • Demolition permits
  • Septic system classifications
  • Building Code Board of Appeals

Zoning and Land Use approvals

  • Site plans
  • Use permits
  • 2nd Unit permits
  • Guest house permits
  • Coastal permits
  • Variances
  • Architectural review applications
  • Board of Zoning Adjustments
  • Encroachment permits
  • Lot line adjustments

Violation Resolution

  • Legalize unpermitted work
  • Minimize fines
  • Obtain necessary planning permits
  • Voluntary legalizations
  • Secure final inspections on open permits

Research services

  • Current permit status
  • In depth records searches
  • Survey maps
  • Complete zoning description
  • Property tax record search