Real Estate Agents

Permit Consulting Services has offered classes for some years now through The North Bay Association of Realtors (Norbar) annual course on Country Property Purchases. Often the subject is How to Legalize Unpermitted Work and the course goes through all the details involved in getting the necessary permits to close out an existing violation file. Tom’s background in Construction makes a class like this extremely detail oriented and takes the mystery out of the legalization process.

Also, more and more Tom is being asked to consult for both buyers and sellers during escrow when issues arise about unpermitted work. Can the property be sold even if there are open violation files? Yes, with proper disclosure these issues can be addressed. But it’s helpful to have someone like Tom go through the research and explanations so that the size of the problem can be defined for both parties.

Tom is also sometimes invited to talk to a Real Estate office meeting to explain his services and answer questions about the permitting process, whether it’s for new building permits or to legalize some existing construction. If your office is interested in having Tom come for a talk and question and answer period, call or email to discuss it.